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The NASDAQ exchange today. NASDAQ stock index quotes online. Real-time streaming chart. Chart of the futures on stock index NASDAQ online. The time in Moscow is GMT+3.
Daily schedule. One division (one candle) is one day.
The timeframe (the time interval of quotes on the chart) can be changed independently, in the upper left part of the chart. From 1 minute to 1 month.
You do not need to update the NASDAQ index chart online, prices are received in real time.

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About NASDAQ stock indices

Online stock indices allow you to be aware of the current market situation throughout the stock market as a whole. For example, the NASDAQ-100 index in a certain proportion includes shares of the 100 largest companies traded on the NASDAQ. These hundred companies include companies producing hardware and software, telecommunications companies engaged in retail and retail trade, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. NASDAQ-100 does not include financial companies.
On the NASDAQ stock exchange itself, shares of more than 3,000 high-tech companies are traded. In addition to the world-famous NASDAQ-100 (it is spoken about in the economic news blocks, along with other stock indices), NASDAQ Composite and a number of industry stock indices are calculated.

  • NASDAQ Composite is an index of all shares traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange
  • NASDAQ Composite Bank Index-index of shares in the banking sector
  • NASDAQ Composite Biotechnology Index-index of shares of medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • NASDAQ Composite Computer Index – for companies developing software and hardware for computers
  • NASDAQ Composite Financial Index – for financial sector companies, except banks and insurance companies
  • The NASDAQ Composite Industrial index — the index of shares of industrial companies
  • The NASDAQ Composite Insurance index — the index of the shares of insurance companies
  • The NASDAQ Composite Index Telecommunications — for Telecom companies.

Other stock indices

In addition to the NASDAQ-100, the major stock indexes of USA also include the Dow Jones (Dow Jones Industrial Average – DJIA) and S&P 500 (Standard & Poor’s 500 Index).

Is it possible to earn by trading the NASDAQ index?

The NASDAQ stock index is a very volatile trading tool, ideal for intraday trading. If the stock market is falling, as now, you can safely enter the sales on the pullbacks, and earn good profits. In a growing market, on the contrary, short-term declines are quickly replaced by unstoppable long-term growth.
Don’t watch the state of the financial market of the United States, but also the stage of the market entirely. If the growth of the stock bubble has started, the money will certainly flow into speculation in shares of high-tech companies.
NASDAQ index almost defies technical analysis – if it grows, it just grows, punching in its path all levels of resistance, without looking back and not rolling back. If it falls – it falls with a rock. This exchange, here, unlike Forex, is still present and fear and greed, and panic.