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U.S. exchange rate index Dow Jones Index (Dow Jones index) today.
The value of the index today. Dow Jones stock index quotes online. Real-time streaming chart for the Dow (Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA) index. Online Dow Jones stock index futures chart. The time in Moscow is GMT+3.
Daily schedule. One division (one candle) is one day. The online chart of the Dow Jones Index will help you in analyzing the futures rate on the stock index.
The timeframe (the time interval of quotes on the chart) can be changed independently, in the upper left part of the chart. From 1 minute to 1 month.
You do not need to update the graph of the Dow Jones index online, prices are received in real time.

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About Dow Jones stock indices

The Dow is the oldest us stock index. The Dow Jones index was created by Charles Dow in 1896, editor of the Wall Street Journal, in collaboration with Edward Davis Jones. Initially, the base for the calculation of the index included 12 major us companies (now 30), the so-called blue chips.

Most popular stock market index Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, Dow 30). However, the word industrial is rather a tribute to history. Many companies have long been not from the industry (for example, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and McDonald’s), and the companies that were part of it then, covered with dust for centuries.

The Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJTA) is the parameter characterizing the movement of stock prices 20 transport corporations (airlines, rail and road companies).

The Dow Jones Utility Average (DJUA) is the average movement in share prices of 15 companies involved in gas and electricity.

The Dow Jones Composite Average (DJCA) is a measure compiled on the basis of industrial, transportation and utility Dow Jones. The Composite Dow Jones index is calculated on 65 shares.

Other stock indices

In addition to the Dow Jones index, the main us stock indices also include the NASDAQ and S&p 500 (Standard & Poor’s 500 Index). NASDAQ index reflects the price of shares of one hundred largest technology companies, and Standard & Poor’s-the most complete cut of the largest us companies (500 pieces).

What is important to know about stock indices

The value of the stock index is not the price. This is a figure that characterizes the change in the index over time in relation to the initial value, i.e. an abstract figure. For example, the initial value of the Dow Jones index was 100, now 16115. And the value of the index SP500 today-1900. In indices, it is the dynamics of change that is important, not the value of the figure.

The most important thing is that the numbers of stock indices are increasing – the market is growing. The values of stock indices are decreasing – the market is falling.

The stock index is a very volatile trading instrument. Volatility is mobility, sharpness of movements. Moreover, the stock market – very unpredictable tools. Now he drops a stone down and an hour later it takes off with a rocket.