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The exchange rate of Ethereum to the us dollar (ETH/USD) today. Ethereum ETH/USD quotes online. Real-time streaming chart. Cryptocurrency charts online. Time on the chart of the ether rate ETH / USD Moscow GMT+3. COINBASE data.
Ethereum daily chart. One division (one candle) is one day.
The timeframe (the time interval of quotes on the chart) can be changed independently, in the upper left part of the chart. From 1 minute to 1 month.
To update the schedule Ethereum ETH/USD online don’t need, prices are delivered in real time.
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Ethereum is a fork of Bitcoin, a platform with which you can create decentralized online services based on blockchain and smart contracts. As a result, we get a virtual machine, and all participants can use it on an equal footing.

The author of the idea is Vitalik Buterin, a canadian programmer with Russian roots. He became interested in bitcoin back in 2011. This year he created The bitcoin Magazine. It was the first major publication devoted to the subject of cryptographic currencies.

The idea to create Ethereum appeared in 2013. At the same time, an article was published in The bitcoin Magazine. Creator of Ether with Vitalik Buterin is Gavin Wood. In the so-called yellow book he described in more detail what is the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Together with the first participants of the system, a crowdfunding fundraiser was launched. The developers managed to collect $ 18 million in Bitcoins, but in return they have to provide 60 million esters. After the startup was able to attract such large investments, large companies became interested in it.