Exchange commodity

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Exchange commodity

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WTIWTI crude oil
Natural Gas (NATGAS)Natural gas

Exchange goods (commodity) products, actively re-sold on organized markets. A feature of such products is the standardization of consumer properties, interchangeability, storage, transportability, fractionation of lots.

Specific copies of such goods are easily interchangeable (or qualitatively homogeneous) and it practically does not matter who, where and how they were produced (oil, paper, milk, copper, etc.). Usually, the main trade in such goods is concentrated on commodity exchanges, including in the form of commodity derivatives. Most of the commodities are raw materials.

These products can be conventionally grouped into the following groups:

  • energy raw materials: oil, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, propane;
  • non-ferrous and precious metals: copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, Nickel, gold, silver, platinum, etc.;
  • cereals: wheat, corn, oats, rye, barley, rice;
  • oilseeds and products of their processing: linseed and cotton seed, soybeans, beans, soybean oil, soybean meal;
  • live animals and meat: cattle, live pigs, bacon;
  • food products: raw sugar, refined sugar, coffee, cocoa beans, potatoes, vegetable oils, spices, eggs, orange juice concentrate, peanuts;
  • textile raw materials: cotton, jute, natural and artificial silk, washed wool, etc.;
  • industrial raw materials: rubber, lumber, plywood, sulfuric acid.