Igor Mazepa Reviews about scammer

Igor Mazepa Reviews about scammerIgor Mazepa-reviews of the fraudster, collected from open sources.

Fraudulent schemes of the Ukrainian investment banker, a close friend and purse of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko bankrupted and robbed a huge number of clients on both sides of the Atlantic. We will collect feedback and post it in this article, so that all users know who they are dealing with, trusting their money to the banker-fraud Igor Mazepa and his company Concorde Capital.

Igor Alexandrovich at the time, was lit in such fraud as: fraud companies on IPO, full kidok their clients in the collections: “Prosperity”, “Perspective” and “Stability”, outright fraud with the company “PIO global Ukraine” and a blueprint lapped Scam Forex broker Privatefx, fraud in the sale of the Ukrainian Media holding “UMH”, GK “Ukrspirt”, buying from hackers, insider information, fraud and financing of separatism in Ukraine. At the time, Aligarh threw not only which employees giving them ious instead of wages, but also his wife.

Reviews of Concorde Capital, when applying for a job

Dmitry. That is to say — had the interview and wasting 3 hours of life. I felt so bad last time I was 14 years old at the dentist. Fooling around, people do not put in anything. I wonder how anyone ever gets a job with them after that. No, if, of course, you like cheap show off-you at. While waiting for the interview (which, as I understood for them — in the norm) I realized that the attitude to the staff here is very bad. Interview is a separate topic. Rudely, inadequately, in one word — on themselves and work!

Alexander. Needless to say — professionally! The guy conducting the interview knows less about finances than I do. With English-obvious problems have them, too,. On a question, whether I will be able to work in the rigid schedule, I answer that I will be able since before 3 years worked in the four and that such loadings I know. But they were not satisfied. No, you don’t understand, they say. Precisely understand, 7.10. Still no-want to boast. In General, now I understand why they have such staff turnover. All they do is they do it down and arrogant. Successes’.

Vovah. As an insider, I can say that after the four you do not know what a lot and stupid work. It often happens that the head of the Department does not give all day tasks, and at 7 PM tomorrow at 10 requires to prepare a document. Nobody wants anything for tomorrow. Salaries are low, people are running. The COO ran away. All promised bonuses are not always paid. In 2008, in General not paid, fired the most, the others were frightened. Some have been given promissory notes, but they are not paid for to this day. The HR Director is a sick person, half of the employees are afraid of her, the second hates. The atmosphere is very heavy. And a few words about the office. Either cold or hot, in autumn and spring up to 30 degrees comes, no one does anything to remedy the situation. The place is very small, sitting on each other’s heads.

JS. No comment on people, but that’s the backstory of the Phoenix. The same unrealized ambitions of a fireman. Who wants to work as a cog in a jammed mechanism? Debt receipts there have learned to write not only to employees, but also to customers, creditors, and in unlimited quantities and with the proviso “…I will work…”. What and how? And importantly when. Big respect!

Mazeppa is a thief. Mazeppa thief March 15, 2018 I Wonder where Igor Mazepa money on employee salary takes? Can you pay with that stolen money with privatefx? This crook double-crossed investors! I advise no one to deal with him!

Customer reviews Concord asset Management

Collapse. Principles of creation and operation of the asset management company Concord asset Management. 1. Receiving remuneration for unprofitable management. 2. Availability of cheap credit resources at the expense of the assets of the funds. 3. The ability to get rid of junk assets by exchanging them for cash investors funds. 4. The possibility of market manipulation for speculative operations, using the assets of funds under management. 5. Opportunity to sell the asset management company at the worst case scenario (as it was twice with PIO global Ukraine) and to organize a new Scam with a clean reputation (see “PIO global Ukraine”).

Collapse. 1. Who is to blame-Every investor who bought into the motley wrapper and expensive office of the new asset management company from Igor Mazepa Concorde Capital. 2. Personally, the General Director (and co – owner through the Cyprus offshore) of the investment company Concorde Capital-Mazepa Igor Alexandrovich used the investors ‘ money to save his own company during the financial crisis, for speculative earnings during the market after the crisis rally, to get rid of unnecessary garbage assets and to buy the asset management company “PIOGLOBAL Ukraine”. This man has no moral right to be respected by investors, after all that he has done against them.

stevon. +1 investors scammers from Concorde Capital left only memories of the lost money.

aisolod2. Alex, thank you so much for taking the time to write the truth about these Concord rogues. Honestly, boldly and accurately all laid out. I in 2009-2010 often wrote on the forum about the fraud of this company and the fraudster Igor Mazepa.

Boundless. We have such a mentality, to endure. In the meantime, the fraudster Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital continue deceiving investors and robs their money. Igor Mazepa is protected by the government of Ukraine.

Customer reviews of PIO Global

Arkhipov Dmitry. Very nice lying to people, talked about the prospects. The whole theme of PIO Global looked very reliable, especially since many people I know and friends also trusted him. I just could not get past that “real earnings” but Igor Mazepa all deceived.

RUS_POLIT. Be careful! Do not give money to Igor Mazepa! Just me and my friends, the amount that we have not returned a successful machinator is more than 10 000 dollars.

Natalia Degtereva. Hello dears! I want to support everyone here in solidarity. Such swindlers as Rostislav Sedlachek and Igor Mazepa-should be punished on merit! This fraudster brazenly lied to each partner personally and during webinars, on YouTube channels there is a lot of material, as this THIEF brazenly lied and did not blush. I, like all the other partners, suffered even more damage to my friends, whom I recommended a partnership with PioGlobal. But in the end the scammer Rostislav Sedlacek ran away with our investment.

Natalia Pinchuk. Rostislav Sedlachek deceived me and all partners of PIO GLOBAL telling about profitability, reliability and transparency of the project. But unfortunately hopes were not realized. All promises were left unfulfilled.

Ksenia Shadrina. Promises of payments have not been fulfilled.. The site is closed.

Ksenija30. I want to share my story. I fully agree with the authors of these articles. The money is invested in the company PIOGLOBAL, whose head is Rostislav Sedlachek. Promises of payments were listening to 2 months. Rostislav Sedlacek is a financial Wheeler-dealer and con artist. Please do not follow his suggestions in other projects. He just takes money from people!

Julia Yarmak. I started cooperation with PIO global on January 11, 2017. I was promised monthly payments without delay. Every meeting I was promised that the company is promising, profitable, has about six sources of income!
For more than a month do not pay the money!

Customer reviews from Privatefx

StasKasper. Who will return the money to PrivateFX customers? Igor Mazepa, who sold PrivateFX To Prime Broker, explained his decision: “the Shareholders of Private FX group received an offer from PrimeBroker to buy out The company to enter new markets. The new owner of Prime Broker assumes all financial and other obligations under PrivateFX”. Prime Broker was founded in October 2016 by Dmitry Leushkin, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PrivateFX and just a good friend of Pavel Krymov. For this purpose they were bought by the project ShareInStock. The nominal owner of ShareInStock was Anton Antonenko, formerly known Manager of ForexTrend, and his wife Veronika Tarasova. In January 2017, Leushkin leaves the brokerage company he created, and Artem Palamarchuk takes the lead. It is noteworthy that all this happens at the moment when PrivateFX stops withdrawing client funds.

OPLOTT. Yes, by the way, and still tell him and from Russian investors that he is a real scoundrel, like the same Kondakov for example. Igor Mazepa in 2015 stated in an interview with Forbes: “We are launching a new company that wants to attract clients of forextrend scams. It will be a Forex broker who will conduct only risk-free operations. We count on clients and Forex Trend, MMCIS and others.”
Just blah, blah, blah. PR is important!

Den Nik. Igor Mazepa is a THIEF! He stole the investors ‘ money from his company PrivateFX!

Ilya Ivanov. Miracle banker Igor Mazepa created the pyramid of PrivateFX under the legend of Forex broker № 1 in the world. Thousands of people have invested in the company of Igor Mazepa. And then Igor Mazepa took money of people and turned off the site. And now walks in the body of the esters and gives an interview with a straight face. Is there any justice in Ukraine?

Semen Omelchenko. The shareholder and founder of the company PrivateFX Mr. Mazepa, probably also dreamed of a quick profit. After trusting investors have contributed millions of dollars to the company, Mr. Mazepa sold the company to some scammers. So this bizmesmen makes its money out of thin air. This skill he recently boasted in his interview.

Tatiana Verbenets. I would like to Mazepa Igor sat in prison for a long time. Privatf him will not get away, it is necessary to go to Kiev and organize a protest near the business center Parus. You can’t let oligarchs steal people like that. MAZEPPA IS A THIEF WITH A CAPITAL LETTER.

Taras Bulba. Igor Mazepa robbed thousands of people.

Igor Kovacev. Igor Mazepa is a THIEF !!! He also robbed me in his financial pyramid scheme PrivetFX. Such swindlers should be tried and put in prison. It is sad that in our country such crooks are allowed to flourish and there are no punishments for the committed fraud!!! Shame on Igor Mazepa, people believed and invested money.

This is only a small part of the feedback from customers affected by the activities of Igor Mazepa. All reviews are real, and taken from open sources. This article will be regularly supplemented by real reviews about Igor Mazepa.