Swindler Igor Mazepa and his economic pyramid

Swindler Igor Mazepa and his economic pyramidFamous Ukrainian businessman Igor Mazepa decided that he earns little and decided to create an economic pyramid. Investors lost their money, and Igor Mazepa Concorde Capital has significantly increased its capital.
Ukraine has practically become a European country, but it has not regulated the activity of Forex at the legislative level. Trading on the foreign exchange market is equal to the activities of illegal gaming clubs. Therefore, there is a high risk of loss of funds. However, the government of Ukraine is engaged in drafting a bill on the activities of Forex.

Despite this situation, people still want to get rich quickly by investing in Forex trading. Of course, there were creative economists who use the naivety of citizens and successfully pump out of them money, promising gold mountains in return. As a result, brokers remain with huge profits, and depositors lose money. The most interesting thing is that people repeatedly fall for the tricks of brokers. For example, the activities of the organization PrivateFX under the leadership of Igor Mazepa, who promised to multiply the capital of investors twice. Strange, but clients of the pyramid were people who have already lost money in a similar company Forex Trend.

Professional entrepreneur Igor Mazepa promised investors not only to return the money that was lost in the Forex Trend, but also to increase them several times. Naive customers actively began to make investments, and some took a loan. They believed, because Igor Mazepa was a well-known and successful banker in Ukraine and no one could think that this person is capable of cheating.

The new company PrivateFX Igor Mazepa used a creative approach to its customers. In addition to the classical scheme of capital multiplication, people were offered to promote a brokerage company in social networks and YouTube, while drowning out any unflattering statements of users, for an additional fee. Thus, Igor Mazepa’s PrivateFX received not only client funds, but also free advertising. Thanks to this Internet resource, the company began to develop actively, offering people to invest at high interest rates. Lucky those customers who withdrew funds in time, and those who were greedy and decided to raise a huge amount were left with nothing.

After receiving a certain amount from clients, Igor Mazepa sold the company PrivateFX to another legal entity as a non-profitable asset. Instantly, the network has no information about the involvement of Igor Mazepa to PrivateFX. But this is not surprising, because he initially knew that people will be deceived, and the profit successfully transferred abroad.

Businessman Igor Mazepa has repeatedly been prosecuted for fraud abroad, in particular the United States. But he was able to get off with only a large monetary penalty. Therefore, the pyramid of PrivateFX was not created by chance. The principle of operation of the company was designed with all of the pros and cons of similar companies, the state has experienced psychologists who tried to convince people to invest.

It should be noted that despite the obvious signs of fraud on the part of Igor Mazepa, the police refuses to initiate a criminal case against him, citing lack of grounds. As a result, people have lost money that will never be returned. At the same time, according to independent journalists Igor Mazepa owns large assets in the Latvian Bank.