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Reference chart of WTI crude oil

You can see a high-precision online chart of WTI (West Texas Intermediate) oil, which displays in real time the world exchange actual price of the reference Oil brand WTI, aka Texas light Sweet.
WTI is produced in Texas (USA). It is a light oil with a low sulfur content. These properties are ideal for gasoline production. By the way, remember that in the United States are few common cars with a diesel engine. That’s one reason

For a long time, WTI oil was trading for a few dollars cheaper than another, even more well – known reference grade of oil-BRENT. However, in recent years North sea oil BRENT (it is produced by the UK and Norway) is losing its position. And Texas light Sweet, on the contrary, revives its former greatness. This is facilitated by the lifting of the embargo on oil exports from the United States. And now WTI is consistently more expensive than BRENT.

Other oil grades:

  • BRENT (great Britain, Norway)
  • Urals, ESPO (Russia)
  • Arab Light (Saudi Arabia)
  • Basra Light (Basrah Light) (Iraq)
  • Bonny Light (Nigeria)
  • Es Sider (Libya)
  • Girassol (Angola)
  • Iran Heavy (Iran)
  • Kuwait Export (Kuwait)
  • Merey (Venezuela)
  • Murban (UAE)
  • Oriente (Ecuador)
  • Qatar Marine (Qatar)
  • Saharan Blend (Algeria)